Promarks Model PRS320 Thermoforming Machine

Promarks Model PRS320 Thermoforming Machine



This compact model thermoforming machine is made for our clients with a little room for packaging.
Thermoforming machines are traditionally used to package high volume products instead of using vacuum pouches. There are many products packaged with thermoforming such as deli, hot dogs, bulk meat, beef sticks, sausage, pasta, cheese, fish to name a few.
Thermoforming machines can just seal, pull vacuum and inject gas for MAP (modified atmospheric packaging).
There are many sizes of thermoforming machines including different widths and lengths of packages as well as different length loading zones depending on the overall production speed. The faster the production, the longer the loading zone. You typically want to estimate an average of 3 feet per person for your loading zone length.

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  • Packaging capacity: 3-6 cycles per minute
  • Gas flush system
  • PLC and Touch screen control


Model PRS320
Top Film 10” – 12” (255mm-305mm)
Bottom Film 11” – 13” (280-330mm)
Advance Length per cycle 7 ¾” L (200mm)
Max Packaging Size 7 ¾” L x 11 ¾” W (200(L)X300(W)mm)
Max Draw Depth 3.9” D (100mm deep)
Product Loading Area 22” (576mm)
Guillotine Knife 1 Set
Cross Cut Knife 1 Set
Conveyor Motor Servo-motor (1.5HP) 1 kw
Vacuum Pump Busch 100m3/hr X 1 (5HP)
Air Pressure Req. 6 bar or 85lbs PSI
Cooling Water Req. 90-150 Liters per hour
Machine Size L x W x H 125” x 38 ½” x 68”H (3200 X 980 X 1680mm)
Weight 2,300 lbs